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The Art for Social Justice focus:


1.The ”Faces Not Forgotten” project honors victims of gun violence under

20 years of age. My portrait of a 16-year-old victim made for his family joins others...the photographed portraits have been made into quilts and

travel nationwide to raise awareness

about gun violence.


2. The painting, “Death Uncalled For”

received an award at the

Colfax Center, South Bend Indiana in the

Art for Social Justice show. 2017


3. A second award from The Art for Social Justice show, 2015 honored my painting. “Hunger in Darfur.” The painting illustrates the effects of

childhood hunger and a cause of migration.


4. Two paintings calling for gun legislation and against arming teachers

were part of the show, “Guns: Artists Respond” at the Swords into Plowshares Gallery, Detroit, MI. They are included in a book by the same title published by the

Women’s Caucus for Art, Michigan Chapter.


5. “Who Me Litter” is a wire sculpture stuffed with Lake Michigan beach trash. It received a second place award at the Kalamazoo, MI 

Westminster Presbyterian Arts Festival. The festival's focus was facing environmental challenges,

The Great Lakes.  2018

Jeanne Fields

Making art is my exploration of truth.  Truth often hides from our first glance and sometimes it’s difficult to face. My art explores the beauty along with the difficult issues that impact our environment. Issues like plastics and pollution of the planet’s beauty, against the reality of politics. It looks at gun violence, and hunger all the while pointing up man’s innate dignity. I hope it inspires a counter of corrective action.


And I create art for the sake of pure enjoyment…

yours and mine to help offset darkness.

For that reason alone, art-making is worthy.


“Art grows sterile when divorced from spirituality,” says Matthew Fox. I hope my artwork inspired by Nature’s beauty and its’ challenges create a pause of inspiration. 


I have been making art for the past 25 years with a focus on oil painting. My work is realism based but because I love to learn and to grow, I also explore abstraction and make sculpture.


I look for opportunities to create art with a focus on Art for Social Justice. I also do figurative landscape painting. This dual focus creates a balance with the beautiful and good on one side and the evil that should be addressed on the other. Showing my art and sharing it with others is a privilege and I hope it inspires change.

Group & Solo Shows

The South Bend Art Museum, South Bend, IN

Colfax Cultural Center, South Bend, In

Box Factory for the Arts, St Joseph, MI

Phantom Gallery, Chicago

Jewish Federation for Art, South Bend, IN

Carnegie Center for the Arts, Three Rivers, Mi

Highland Art Center, Weaverville, CA

5-Windows Gallery, Weaverville, CA

Red Bluff Art Gallery, Red Bluff, CA

Artists Alley, San Francisco, CA

Kalamazoo Arts Council, Kalamazoo MI

Westminster Presbyterian Arts Festival, Kalamazoo, Mi

Manchester College, Manchester, IN

Notre Dame Cultural Center, South Bend

I Fell Gallery, Bloomington, IN



Indiana Women’s Caucus for Art

Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art

Women’s Caucus for Art, National



Gun’s Artists Respond

Michigan Women’s Caucus for Art, Michigan Chapter, 2018


Celebrating 40 years, Indiana Women’s Caucus for Art, 2019

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